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More than four years ago, time has passed since the day  I started to take pictures continuously - every week, sometimes of dozens of different things. Because of this time I have spent practising, I can pursue photography as a profession.

Photography for me is not just a hobby or a livelihood, but also something more, it allows me to show how I see the world. In fact because it means so much more to me than just a hobby I started to practice my photography.

This is my favourite activity, of which I follow the classic time-tested rules and adapt them to their creation and global innovation. I try to use only proven quality and maximum equipment. That is why i can always guarantee the same, perhaps not the cheapest, most effective photographic solution. Unfortunately, I cannot lower the rates, but I am always ready to find a mutually attractive price. Before photographing I discuss every detail with the client, even invisible nuances. I always have to know what the client wants. I am most interested in the client– his/her character, a psychological portrait, enlightenment moment etc. I think everyone at some point can open up and have time to uncover their everyday masks. I like to capture this moment in my photography. I like to think of this as my way of communicating through my photography.

 Ireland is such a small country so the competition among photographers is tough.. On the other hand, it is also an advantage, because the word of mouth is spread quickly amongst clients which bring up the reputation of good photographers.

 Satisfied customers are the best and most effective advertisement. Also communication on a photo shoot with the model is very important. Unfortunately for the majority of photographers it is difficult to communicate with models. Most photographers go deep into the more technical parameters of the photo shoot, and don’t pay attention to how uncomfortable the model may be. Sincere attention, friendliness, flexibility helps people relax. It is better to sit down and chat with the model in order to reveal your own and their personality, which I think is the most important thing in photography. If you photograph what the customer wants, rather than the principled doing of the photographic style, he/she evaluates and recommends you to other costumers.

 I learned mostly from books and videos on websites such as“YouTube”. I would watch videos of photo shoots being filmed back stage. I also have had a little work done with several photographic workshops to see how the photo shoots should go and how to interact with models and clients.


Sincerely Gediminas Gruzauskas 

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